• JingJobs HR Butler

    Connecting Startups with Bilingual Talent

  • HR Butler: Streamlining the Hiring Process

    How it Works



    After receiving position details, we promote on all social media channels & job listings platforms, including WeChat featured posts.


    Filter and Screen

    We actively search for suitable candidates, filter resumes and perform 15 minute phone screenings to ensure quality.



    We recommend five candidates, submit their CVs, and facilitate connection. If unsatisfied with any, we send two more.



    Choose to hire or reject our suggested candidates. Our current rate of success (at least one hired per five recommended) is 89%

  • Demographics

    Our candidate pool includes 60% international and 40% local candidates, with 80% overall knowing two or more languages

    Our Followers

    Our follower base receives JingJobs Featured Job Posts, among other news

    Our Locations

    We can help you find talents in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

  • Efficient Hiring at an Affordable Cost.

    Prices start at 2,000 RMB. Contact us for a quote.

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